Kris Leech

I practice the art of software development.

Working as a member of an Agile team who believe in delivering software which holds the maximum value to the end user, we deliver a high return on investment.

Many years of working alongside talented people, on a diverse range of projects, has lead to new learning experiences and the chance to continually evolve my tools and techniques.

I find developing software highly rewarding and and by necessity this has also lead to involvement in a varity of industries including Education, Healthcare and Travel.

Fundamentally, I see transparency and open channels of communication as key to delivering a project which is successful for all those involved.

Today I predominantly work on web based projects, favoring secure and robust open source products such as RubyOnRails, Git, Apache, Zsh, Tmux, Vim, MySQL, Linux and MacOS. I find these to be the ‘best of breed’ tools and their use highly enjoyable.


Latest Blog

Linux on HP Pavilion g series Laptop

Linux on HP Pavilion g series Laptop. Notes about successful installation of Debian based CrunchBang distro.

Published 9 months ago